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The Racine County Line Rifle Club was incorporated in 1962. We are member-managed and led by a board of directors operating consistent with our current by-laws. There are no paid employees. Therefore, we perform nearly all our own work. Associate Member work responsibilities combined with volunteerism from Regular and Life Members, keep our due structure and operating costs amongst the lowest in the Midwest.


The range was originally built by the Wisconsin National Guard in 1903.  However, there is evidence showing range-like activities here dating as far back as 1893. As America entered WWI and subsequently WWII and the Korean War, the range was outfitted for a variety of munition applications including bolt action rifles and 30 and 50 caliber machine guns.  Environmental and safety measures were implemented by building berms preventing fired rounds from entering Lake Michigan.  Pit areas were made secure for raising and lowering targets.


RCLRC serves as training grounds for Wisconsin and Illinois law enforcement agencies and federal partners. We offer nine (9) active ranges providing a wide variety of training and sport shooting options.  The firing line and/or target line can be static or dynamic providing the ability to move and shoot. Range control is first come, first serve unless noted on our event calendar. 


The distances of each range are as follows:


  • Range 1: 130 yards               
  • Range 2: 100 yards
  • Range 3: 100 yards
  • Range 4: 50 yards
  • Range 5: 50 yards
  • Range 6: 500 yards
  • Range 7: 600 yards/680 on steel
  • Range 8: 30 feet
  • Range 9: 30 feet


RCLRC is a family friendly sport shooting environment. There’s a picnic area where members can gather for a cookout after a day of activities.


To become a member, you must be sponsored by a current club member in good standing. Opportunities to meet club members are made possible during events open to the public such as Wednesday Night Practice, Family Days, Deer Sight, IDPA, etc.


Come check us out!