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 For ALL safety walk/video questions, email
For Badge related issues, email
For maintenance issues, please email

 For EVENT REQUESTS only, email  (Not Safety Walks)

We have seven active ranges: a 100-yard covered range, a 100 yard range, a 500 yard rifle range, a 600 yard rifle range, an enclosed 150 yard, 270 degree range, and two 50 yard ranges on our campus. All seven ranges can be used simultaneously. Firing lines on all ranges can be static or dynamic and targets can be static or dynamic. All ranges are first come first serve except for approved events and maintenance. There is no paid staff on site; everyone must act as their own Range Safety Officer (RSO). Our members must be sponsored by a current club member in good standing to join the RCLRC. We hold many events open to the public at which you can meet other members and seek a sponsor. Sponsors are required for safety reasons.


We allow shooting of all firearms except those that use 50 BMG cartridges and those with a muzzle energy above 9,000 ft. lbs of energy. There are special restrictions for National Firearms Act (NFA) regulated firearms. We do NOT have a trap or skeet range. All fired rounds must impact in an APPROVED berm.


Shooting is allowed from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day, except during special events, the annual picnic and maintenance work. We allow steel target shooting and have an approved standard operating procedure (SOP) to be followed. You are required to follow our club rules, SOP’s and procedures under all circumstances.


For safety, we utilize Range Occupied Flags on all ranges. All ranges require the range occupied flags be flown when there is firing taking place on that range. It alerts others that the range is in use. Ranges are marked out of service if work crews are working on any range. Work crews take precedence over marksmen.


We do NOT ALLOW incendiary/tracer ammunition on any range, explosive rounds or devices/substances (Tannerite). Aimed fire is required. We do NOT ALLOW bumpfire stocks or mechanisms on any firearm. Shooting steel core ammunition at steel targets is strictly prohibited.


Leave the range cleaner than when you arrived. Any spent cartridges, trash, garbage, shotgun hulls, soda cans, sandwich wrappers and paper target remnants must go home with you.  We provide no personal trash disposal. What you bring in, you must take out. That means everything.


Shooting on a range takes precedence over walking your dog, walking, sitting in contemplation and admiring the scenery, etc.


Alcohol is strictly prohibited on any range! Adult beverages may be consumed in the clubhouse or picnic area after you finish shooting. No firearms can be present if you are consuming alcohol in any form. Anyone found under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance while on any range with firearms will have their membership terminated. No exceptions!


Racine County Line Rifle Club is Wisconsin’s premier mid-distance marksmanship facility. Check us out. We think you will like the place.